At City Central Cleaning & Support Services, we offer experience and expertise in window cleaning for commercial buildings, corporate offices, retail units & multi-storey office buildings, ensuring a reliable and professional service for all types of premises.

As you expect from all our bespoke services, City Central Cleaning and Support Services offer tailor-made Window Cleaning services for a range of buildings. We specialise in Window-cleaning projects at commercial buildings. Corporate high-rise structures, retail-units and urban multi-storey complexes.

Our window cleaners are knowledgeable, highly skilled and fully trained to the highest level to ensure the service you require is carried out efficiently and to the highest possible standard.


Cradles, abseiling, cherry pickers, traditional ladders, safety harnesses and the Reach and Wash water-fed pole systems.

Height Safety Products and Access Techniques

Equipment manufacturers and chemical suppliers are actively involved in regular training sessions.

Fully documented training guides in use for all technical skills required.

About us

Depending on your requirements, our trained team of advisers can task our experienced window cleaners to your project.

All our window cleaners can be contacted through mobile phones and offer a 24/7 service. As in all our services, we offer free consultation and a free quote as standard.

Understanding the difference between cleaning to a point that makes the window glass virtually absent and polishing to the extent of creating a mirror-effect takes both skill and experience. Our team of window cleaners are highly skilled and fully trained to comply with the highest professional stands. They are both compliant and knowledgeable in the use of height-safety products, machinery, and access techniques. They undergo continuous professional development and training from equipment manufacturers and chemical suppliers through training sessions and demonstrations. They are also fully kitted with training guides and manuals. Our team are proficient in the use of cradles, abseiling, cherry pickers, traditional ladders, safety harnesses and reach-and-wash water-fed pole systems.

We currently engage experienced window cleaners who can be contacted via mobile communication, therefore enabling the provision of a 24 hours per day, 365 days per year service.