Committed to ensuring the highest possible standards for our customers, staff and the environment. So you can rest assured when choosing to work with City Central.

Here at City Central, we know how vital the image of your premises and business is to the outside world. By providing you with our high quality core cleaning services you can rest assured that the presentation of your premises will always match that of your brand.

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Perfect conditions for your staff

As well as giving visitors a positive impression of your company, our daily cleaning services also importantly allows you to provide your staff with a smart, clean and hygienic working environment.

Years of Experiance

Thanks to our years of experience and our excellent internal project management system infrastructure, we are able to provide a standard of service that is consistently at the highest level.

Highly skilled Staff

Our highly skilled and dedicated staff are supported by our area managers – and all are on hand to ensure your satisfaction with our service is always met.

Big or small we can support you

Whether you are located within a small office, a large commercial building or on multiple sites with varying requirements, City Central can provide you with the service and support you require.


City Cleaning and Support Services specialise in providing personalised solutions for a diverse range of cleaning and servicing needs. As a company that deals with the demands of creating the “ideal impression” of buildings and workspaces, we more than understand the need for personalised cleaning projects.

Use of the right products, extent of managerial input, necessity of skilled labour, and the significance of compliance to hygiene standards and quality controls are but a few factors involved in servicing a variety of environments such as a business facility, school play area and a GP surgery. When our clients require a specific set of skills and products to be used to service an area within a set time limit, our friendly specialist teams come in handy.

Our range of flexible packages covers a range of environments:

Commercial, office, washroom, windows, carpets, gutters, furniture, technology and gadgets, etc. Coupled with these personalised packages we also offer services such as consumables supply, waste management, pest control, removals, skip supply, and ground maintenance.

If servicing your building or workspace poses a complex set of demands, these auxiliary services coupled with our personalised cleaning packages will provide with an array of solutions. Our contractors can advise you on benefitting from the combined used of our services to facilitate a streamlined delivery of skilled labour, synchronised workflow of specialist teams, and overall administrative ease.

We provide a free quote for all these services.

Which provides the transparency we aim to achieve with our clients to understand their requirements down to the very finest of details.

Area managers are specifically allocated to your respective sites to monitor and manage our services through detailed reports and strict adherence to professional standards.

At City Central Cleaning and Support Services, we understand the needs, demands, and aspirations of maintaining a high quality of service at the point of contact with your clientele. Obviously, this requires an office space that offers a visual representation of your high standards of service.

With this in mind, City Central Cleaning and Support services offer tailor-made cleaning services for your office and front desk. Building on our experience from working in an array of different office spaces, our expertise ranges from cleaning and servicing offices of all shapes, sizes, looks and contours. Our exclusive office cleaning London service comes with a free consultation and free quote as standard as we value your satisfaction and trust in our services at every stage of service delivery.

As part of our consultation, you will be assisted by our trained staff in identifying a perfect fit among the many services we offer depending on the dimensions, materials, location, industry and working hours of your office and/or front desk. Following the free consultation, a free quote is offered, and area managers are allocated to your site to monitor and supervise our services through detailed reports and briefing. At all times of our service-delivery at your office, you can expect a transparent and professional service to comply with all your specific needs. Contact us today for Office Cleaning London.