At City Central Cleaning and Support Services, the measure of our professionalism and the soundness of quality in our service are key parameters that drive our passion for excellence.

Although these vital aspects of our existence as a business are abstract and non-quantifiable for the most part, our results are always qualified by what is observable, tangible and sensory in many ways.

Clean office

Therefore, compliance and adherence to cutting-edge industry standards and benchmarks are principle markers upon which our credentials are showcased.

We are indeed honoured by the trust and reliance we enjoy from our loyal clientele – 92% of whom renew their annual contracts with us since 1993. Through welcoming and exposing ourselves to the rigorous examination, scrutiny and testing of various governmental and independent assessors, we sustain the reputation and camaraderie among our clientele and staff.

Besides abiding by national industry standards and external quality control exams, we also have our very own quality controls and quality assurance frameworks. All these means of crediting ourselves with certifications and seals of affirmation serve our ambition to employ skilled labour and expertise of the highest standards for the ultimate benefit of our clientele. Our commitment to a sustainable environment and eco-friendly practices is accredited by the Environmental Agency. Our employees enjoy fair treatment and appreciation of their labour – we are also accredited as a London Living Wage Employer. Our in-house controls for the safety of our workers and working spaces identifies us as a “Safe Contractor.”