City Central Cleaning and Support Services actively sponsor many charities and take great pride in our ability to put something back into the community.

At City Central Cleaning and Support Services, we strive to be socially responsible and communally charitable.


It is embedded in our identity as a company that works hard behind the public eye to encourage a professional ethos that is humane and compassionate in all our undertakings.

Part of this realisation is our commitment to resource and aid charitable organisations locally, nationally and globally. The kind of business that we run – cleaning and support services – naturally imparts in us the concern for the world around us. Giving back to the world that we live, work and do business in is but an engendered professional conviction at the heart of all that we do.

As an employer, we deem it wise and necessary to set precedent for our staff to also inculcate this strain of professional ethos in their own work lives. Besides many things, we help to raise awareness about the many charities that we financially support. We consider these as noble opportunities to measure our very own social and corporate responsibilities.

The Charities and Causes that we support range from Wildlife Conservation to Medical Research, and from Disability Support to Child services. Learning about these Charities also informs the decisions that we make in terms of how our spending needs to be directed, how our product sourcing needs to evolve, and how our services must adapt contextually. The Charities that we support include Imperial Cancer Research, Kent Wildlife Trust, The Aspinall Foundation, Childline, Friends of the Earth, National Trust, British Heart Foundation, English Heritage, Mencap, NSPCC, RSPCA, and many more.