As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility and ethical stance as a company, City Central Cleaning and Support Services are committed to protecting the environment wherever possible.

City Central Cleaning and Support Services take pride in our commitment to being environmentally friendly in all our undertakings. A significant weight of our professional ethos bears a sincere and intentional action plan to be ethical and sustainable in our impact on the environment we work around.

While maintaining the highest possible quality of services, we are always mindful about being eco-friendly, pet-friendly, and green in our routine tasks as a service provider.


This commitment is reflected in the training and certification demands of our employees.

All our staff are encouraged to develop environmental awareness at all times of work. As a company, we are persistent in our ongoing compliance with environmental legislation in all our undertakings. Our staff training gives particular attention to encourage a habit of “reduce, re-use and recycle on the go.” Our consultation services prior to accepting a job provide opportunities for our clients to consider reducing and managing their environmental impact. Our advisers and engineers offer alternative eco-friendly options wherever possible during our free consultation service. This may include anything from suggesting the use of eco-friendly products to offer an alternative eco-friendly service. As a company, we are always committed to improving our performance credentials in the area of environmental sustainability and eco-friendly industry standards.

Whilst maintaining the highest possible quality of service for our clients we are also mindful of our impact on the environment around us and respectful of our responsibilities and obligations.

Our staff are trained in using environmentally friendly products and as a company we are committed to the following:

  •  Encourage our staff to be environmentally aware at all times.
  •  Comply with environmental legislation where appropriate.
  •  Reduce, re-use and recycle whenever possible.
  •  Give our clients the best choices to help them reduce and manage their environmental impact.
  •  Take an active part in maintaining and improving the environmental performance of our industry.