We are very proud of our dedicated staff and are keen to reward our team for their extraordinary efforts!

At City Central Cleaning and Support Services, we cherish every opportunity to reward our deserving employees on a regular basis. A rewards and employee appreciation system is put in place to encourage performance and healthy competition among peers and colleagues. From our years of experience in running a service-based company, we understand the value of appreciating extraordinary professionalism and endearing commitment when its due. While we provide opportunities to build rewarding careers, we are mindful of the fact that rewarding careers are not devoid of rewards!

The “Employee of the Month” scheme is put in place to provide an impetus for sustaining rigorous industry standards and excellent service. This scheme also serves to continually raise the bar of professionalism and camaraderie among our staff through the years. We make every effort to make our workplace an exciting and sociable avenue to flourish professionally.

As a part of this, each month we award a member of our staff with the ‘Employee of the Month’ title. Each employee of the month receives a voucher as recognition of their achievements for our company during that period.

Allow us to present to you our roll of honour…