We firmly believe that our quality of service is achieved and maintained through our training programmes and courses.

Individually formulated to meet the varied needs of our staff and our industry, we pride ourselves on providing quality training to allow our staff to progress through their careers and uphold our reputation as a leading service provider in the commercial cleaning sector.

Training takes place from all levels within the company from cleaning operative to senior Directors.

Regular on-going training courses and sessions are provided at supervisory (both site and area), branch management and regional management levels.

City Central Cleaning & Support Services believe firmly in the worth of training, realising that its investment is returned in the form of better staff retention, greater levels of quality and increases in productivity.

  •  All staff receive induction training prior to job commencement, covering working within the clients premises, basic customer care and specific training for the job role. Every area manager carries an induction manual specifically designed for the induction of new cleaning operatives.
  •  All staff have fully documented training records to ensure refresher training and reviews are carried out regularly.
  •  All staff receive specific training in all relevant legislation appropriate to their work function.
  •  Equipment manufacturers and chemical suppliers are actively involved in regular training sessions.
  •  Fully documented training guides in use for all technical skills required.