City Central understands that through the day to day running of their business our clients can produce high amounts of waste and often are responsible for removing this from their premises.

We can offer cost-effective, bespoke waste management solutions for all our clients.

From waste collection to recycling, we can offer a range of environmental management services. With an extensive selection of waste and recycling solutions for your business or organisation, we try our best to help you to minimise waste, reduce your environmental impact and save money.

waste management

Our waste collection service can remove bagged and large unbagged items, directly from the premises.

We also supply waste bags making the removal and collection process as easy and as tidy as possible.

We schedule regular visits to the waste site at the company premises to ensure the waste is managed efficiently, helping to cut down on foul odours and providing a high chance of eleminating any pest problems that can occur from sitting waste.

For any confidential shredding needs, we offer shredding services for clients who may have large amounts of sensitive / confidential information that need to be destroyed and safely disposed of.

We pride our self’s on our commitment to being Environmentally aware, therefore offering recycling solutions so your company is able to recycle a variety of materials through us.
We can arrange our recycling services to coincide with general waste collections, making the waste process quick, efficient and simple.