At City Central Cleaning & Support Services, we want everything to be as easy as possible for our clients, therefore we also provide a wide range of cost effective consumable cleaning supplies, materials and equipment.

The “Support Services” part of our company is a handy and invaluable addition to the array of cleaning services we provide on-demand. A significant aspect of our support services consists of the procuring, stocking and delivery of consumable cleaning supplies, materials and equipment.

In-house management

Our helpful and cost effective service can be managed entirely in-house to ensure your order is supplied when you need it – avoiding the inconvenience of continously repeating the ordering process.

Wide Selection

With a well-stocked supply, a wide selection of products from the major manufacturers within the cleaning industry can be obtained for you at short notice.


24-48 Hour Dispatch

On receipt of your order all goods can be dispatched and delivered within a 24-48 hour period.

Fully Recyclable Materials

A full consumable supplies list can be supplied upon request. All of our consumable supplies are produced from fully recyclable materials, proving once again our commitment to the environment.

Clean office

By ordering these goods from us, you can be sure that they are recommended by our expert team of professionals who have tried and tested these products to ensure we only stock inventory of the highest industry standards.

With City Central Cleaning and Support Services, an added advantage is the short-notice demand on offer – all your goods can be dispatched within a 24 to 48-hour window depending on your criteria. Our stockpile consists of a wide range of products from major manufacturers – a full list of products is available upon request. If you have a rolling cleaning contract with us, you can procure all cleaning products directly from our consumables-supply service. This further enhances the bespoke service you expect from us.

You can also be sure that all our supplies are sourced from fully recyclable materials in accordance with our eco-friendly policies. Any repeat orders for continual supply of products can be ordered and invoiced in-house to make sure you never run out of supplies when you wait for a refill order. Our friendly supply team is just a phone call away!