We understand that Washroom facilities are vitally important in all premises, providing a safe, hygienic and clean environment for staff and visitors, and therefore we help to maintain and present them to their highest standard.

We offer a complete service, from a single unit to multi-site washroom contracts. Our service level contracts and our versatile approach allow us to provide a competitive maintenance service that has the ability to respond promptly to unexpected problems.

In a fast-paced urban environment, it is not far-fetched to deduce the soul and character of any establishment by considering the way in which their washrooms and lavatories are maintained.

If toilets are not well-kept enough to be referred to as “restrooms,” then the euphemism fails miserably. At City Central Cleaning and Support Services, we deeply understand the significance of maintaining and servicing a safe and hygienic space for washrooms, lavatories and showers. We maintain high standards to ensure a measure of versatility in delivering a competitive service alongside the flexibility of professionally handling unexpected issues with a prompt and effective response. Our team of professionals are well-trained and equipped to service single unit and multi-unit washroom sites with a wide range of specific needs.

Coupled with our tailored consumables-supply service, we offer a range of services including feminine hygiene disposal systems, automatic WC and urinal maintenance, water management, toilet seat sanitisers, soap dispensers, warm air hand dryers, air care, continuous odour control system, nappy disposal units, clinical waste removal, sharps removal units, dual and multi-product vending, textile services, linen service, towel service, floor protection, supply and maintenance of dust control or personalised logo mats, etc. Call our friendly team of professionals to tailor your very own washroom servicing contract with us right away!

We supply the following services, which can be tailored to your exact requirements:

  • Feminine hygiene disposal systems
  • Automatic WC and urinal maintenance
  • Water management
  • Toilet seat sanitisers
  • Soap dispensers
  • Warm air hand dryers
  • Air care
  • Continuous odour control system
  • Nappy disposal units
  • Clinical waste removal
  • Sharps removal units
  • Dual and multi-product vending
  • Textile services
  • Linen service
  • Towel service
  • Floor protection – supply and maintenance of dust control or personalised logo mats