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City Cleaning and Support Services provide personalised solutions for a range of different cleaning and servicing needs. As a company, we understand when clients want to create the "ideal impression" of their workspaces and buildings, so are more than happy to offer personalised cleaning projects.

The extent of managerial input, the right products and ensuring compliance with hygiene standards and quality controls are just some of the factors involved in servicing a variety of environments like school play areas, offices and GP surgeries. When our clients require a specific set of skills and products within a short period of time, our friendly teams come in handy.

Our flexible packages consider a range of environments: office, washroom, commercial, windows, gutters, carpets, furniture, gadgets and technology etc. As well as these personalised packages, we also offer services such as waste management, consumables supply, removals, pest control, skip supply, and ground maintenance. If your building or workspace has a complex set of demands, these auxiliary services paired with our personalised cleaning packages will provide the solution you need. We're happy to advise you on combining some of our services to ensure overall administrative ease and a synchronised workflow.

To ensure transparency, we provide a free quote for all of our services and will talk to you in detail about your requirements. We will allocate area managers to your respective sites to manage and monitor these services through strict adherence to professional standards and detailed reports.

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